David Flack and Dave Price found that  their musical tastes and interests had developed along similar lines  since 1966 and they subsequently decided, in addition to performing as  part of the re-formed group, Section 62, to do some work as a duo, concentrating on material  that they felt the band was unlikely to do, and writing original  material.
Under the name of ABBEY, derived from the name of their former school, they have recorded two CD's, No Blackbirds In Carolina and Streets Of Philadelphia, covering songs made famous by other artists including America, Bread  and Billy Joel. America, in particular, continue to be a major musical  influence. ABBEY has since recorded a further eleven primarily consisting of their own material, and continue to write, arrange and record new material.
Following a suggested initiative by another band influenced by America, ABBEY became one of the nine bands that make up The America Fans Bands as shown on the America website.

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