The ten original songs on Face In The Crowd were written, arranged and recorded from November 2008 to April 2009  and cover a wide range of musical styles, from the modern, up-tempo  title track, ‘A Face In The Crowd’ to the lush orchestration forming the back-drop to the wistful ballad ‘In Her Eyes’. Released May 2009.

Track Listing

  1. Keep On Waiting
  2. Somehow, Someway
  3. So Long Ago (When Love Was Young)
  4. Living Everyday
  5. In Her Eyes
  6. A Face In The Crowd
  7. Like Strangers
  8. Another Cloudy Day
  9. I Will Wait For You
  10. Where You Are (Is Where I Want To Be)

All songs copyright 2009 and registered with The UK Copyright Service - Reg. No. 301988, and GISC Copyright Registration Service No. 2014MAY7213.




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