The latest work from the pen of ABBEY is yet another eclectic mix of  musical styles. Nine of the tracks are written and arranged by the duo  and, as a tribute to other great writers, they have recorded their own  arrangement of two additional tracks. ‘To Each His Own’ was written by  Gerry Beckley of the band America - a major influence on ABBEY - whilst  the music for ‘Smile’ was originally written by Charlie Chaplin with  lyrics added some 20 plus years later.

Track Listing

  1. Look Into My Eyes
  2. To Each His Own*
  3. Taking Back The Time
  4. Warmth Of The Sun
  5. After Dark
  6. Smile*
  7. Movin’ On
  8. Islands (Of Our Lives)
  9. Spirit Of Life
  10. Wrong Side Of The Street
  11. The Evening Breeze

All original songs copyright 2011 and registered with The UK Copyright Service - Reg. No.332284 .




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