Abbey links to the America fans website

March 2008

Having recorded four tracks by one of their favourite bands - America - ABBEY found that others had put their efforts onto the America fans website for all to appreciate. Pleased with feedback from their own efforts  they were prompted to contact the administrator of the website and offer the ABBEY material.

The resident ‘techie’, David Flack found the appropriate contact and sent  an email with the basic idea. Abbey were very impressed with the speed  of the response they received and the kind comments regarding their  version of ‘The Last Unicorn’, which they had included in the email.  This encouraged David to complete the ABBEY website and include a link  to the America Fans website.

Section 62 plays America

After an abortive attempt to interest their buddies in Section 62 to add ‘I  Need You’ and ‘Ventura Highway’ to the band’s repertoire, ABBEY has now  succeeded in agreeing with the other members to include ‘Sister Golden  Hair’ and ‘Work To Do’ in the growing Section 62 playlist.

CD of original material finished

November 2008

A year in the making, the September’s Here album was released in November 2008 and features 10 original  compositions written and arranged by ABBEY including ‘No Time For  Tears’, a song written in 1963 which featured regularly in the Section  62 setlist at that time.

Face In The Crowd CD

May 2009

Face In The Crowd, the follow-up album to September’s Here, was completed in six months and released in April 2009. The album again features 10 original songs written and arranged by ABBEY, this time  covering a range of musical styles from the techno-pop sounds on ‘Keep  On Waiting’, through the uptempo title track ‘A Face In The Crowd’, to  the lush orchestral backing on ‘In Her Eyes’.

America Fans Website

June 2009

ABBEY now has a fourth song, ‘In Her Eyes’ from the Face In The Crowd album on the America Fans website. The song can be found under the America Tribute Songs section.

New album recorded

November 2009

ABBEY has just completed a third CD of original material. The album, entitled Waiting For The Day, is an 11-track CD written, arranged and recorded by the duo.

Sixth album completed

July 2010

ABBEY has just completed a fourth CD of original material. The album is entitled Children Of The 60’s, and reflects their personal views of growing up in the 1960’s.

Charitable collaboration

July 2010

ABBEY has worked with eight un-signed bands from around the world on a  nineteen track CD on sale to raise funds to help the people of Haiti  recover from the recent earthquake disaster. Since all the bands are  fans of America, the tracks are both covers and original material by each of them. ABBEY contributed their original song, Don’t Go, a cover of The Last Unicorn and vocals towards a joint recording of the Gerry Beckley song Kiss Of Life.

America Fans Website

March 2011

ABBEY now has 3 more songs which feature on the America Fans website. ‘Smile’ and ‘To Each His Own’ appear under the America cover songs section,  whilst ‘Summer Days And You’, an America tribute song written by ABBEY,  has also been added.

New album completed

March 2011

ABBEY has now finished recording a seventh album. The album is entitled Islands and includes nine original compositions plus cover versions of the  Charlie Chaplin inspired classic, ‘Smile’ and America’s ‘To Each His  Own’ from their 1972 ‘Homecoming’ album.

Album No. 8 finished

April 2012

ABBEY has now finished recording their eighth album. The album is entitled The Road and includes eight original compositions plus cover versions of  ‘Feelings Flow’ by Gerry Beckley of America, a really great song by Mark Knopfler, ‘Sailing To Philadelphia’ and ‘A Road Song’ recorded by  America on their ‘Back Pages’ album.

After The Storm

October 2012

ABBEY has finished recording a new album which takes its name, After The Storm, from the title of one of the new ABBEY original songs included on the album. In addition to the seven original songs, there are three covers -  ‘Fields Of Gold’, ‘Woodstock’, and ‘Goin’ Back’ - where ABBEY has added their  own interpretation of these classics.

ABBEY reaches album no. 10

September 2013

Yet again, this album takes it’s title, ‘On A Day Like This’, from another of the ABBEY self penned songs included on the CD, and the cover photograph taken by David on a trip to Vancouver, Canada. The  nine original songs are complimented by their version of Bob Dylan’s  much recorded song, ‘Make You Feel My Love’.


February 2014

ABBEY has recently completed their 11th album, Reflections, the artwork for which includes, for the first time, a tongue-in-cheek  photo of the duo taken during their trip to Boston, Massachusetts, USA  during the Summer of 2010. The cover picture was also taken in Boston on the same occasion.

Album number 12

July 2014

ABBEY has recently completed their 12th album, Centuria, the title of which comes from the inclusion of ‘Someone You Knew ‘, the 100th song written and recorded by the duo.

In The Studio - Unplugged

March 2015

By way of a change, ABBEY decided to put together a collection of songs they had written and recorded using acoustic instruments. This slightly stretches a point as the bass in the numbers is provided by an electric bass guitar since we didn’t have access to an acoustic double bass. However, the overall intent and sound is acoustic.

Album 14 - Ebb & Flow

Nov 2015

For this album ABBEY has returned to its more normal recording use of all instruments available to them. Unusually, the album starts with an original instrumental and also includes a further eight original songs written by them.




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