No Blackbirds in Carolina was ABBEY’s first CD, recorded and released during the Summer of 2007.  ABBEY used equipment from the following manufacturers in the making of  the CD: Yamaha and Casio keyboards, Roland drum machine, Line 6 and  Fender guitars, and Shure microphones.
ABBEY would also like to thank the other members of Section 62, without whom they would never have been inspired to make this CD - Pete ‘Deed Poll Dave’ Adams for additional harmony vocals on ‘Nowhere Man’ and for providing the idea behind the CD title, and Dave Baggalley and Dave ‘Pip’ Levy for just being there.


Track Listing

  1. I Feel Fine
  2. Daisy Jane
  3. My Life
  4. Don’t Say You Love Me
  5. Ventura Highway
  6. New York Mining Disaster 1941
  7. Teach Your Children
  8. The Last Unicorn
  9. Don’t Stop
  10. Landslide
  11. Nowhere Man
  12. I Need You




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